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Introducing the truSculpt System, the latest in non-invasive RF technology.

  • Uniform heating of the subcutaneous tissue at sustained therapeutic   temperatures

  • Real-time temperature feedback maximizes efficacy while maintaining   patient comfort and consistent outcomes

  • A treatment that requires no pain medication, active cooling, or topical gels

  • Fast treatment times over large areas of the body

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    Precision Treatment Depth*

    • Real-time temperature feedback allows comfortable skin temperatures to be maintained and effective subcutaneous temperatures to be reached
    • Dermal temperatures remain cooler than subcutaneous temperatures and are continuously monitored
    • Treatment to a biological clinical endpoint based on time and temperature
    • Therapeutic temperatures at depths below the skin are maintained near 45° C for extended durations
    *IRB Approved in-vivo clinical study at Cutera Research Center, Brisbane, CA.

    Uniformity and Comfort

    • Unique electrode designed for even temperature distribution maintains treatment uniformity and enhances patient comfort
    • Optimized treatment achieves deep uniform heating while maintaining patient comfort (Average pain level of 3-4 on a scale of 0 to 10)
    • Patients may resume normal activities immediately following treatment with no downtime

    truSculpt System Mechanism of Action

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    Designed for Ease of Use

    Fast intelligent delivery designed for ease of use and operator control

    • Intuitive touch-screen lets the operator tailor a patient’s treatment for optimal results
    • Ergonomic handpiece system for treating multiple areas with an easy stamping technique and minimal operator fatigue
    • The truSculpt system dynamically adjusts power to reach and maintain therapeutic treatment levels
    • High power system with small footprint